Tuesday, January 09, 2007
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My new pet peeve

From the "things that annoy me but I don't really know why" department:

This fad of appending "nation" to team nicknames in order to identify groups of college sports fans and alumni gets on my nerves. Over the past week, I've heard fans, sports writers, and coaches mention the "Bama Nation," the "Tiger Nation," the "Gator Nation," and the "Buckeye Nation." A quick internet search yields the (Wake Forest) "Demon Deacon Nation," the (Virginia Tech) "Hokie Nation," and the (Boise State) "Bronco Nation." It goes on and on.

On the scale of life's minor annoyances, this one probably doesn't rank very high. Take the "pretentious E," for example. You know what I'm talking about, right? Think subdivisions and shopping centers. Developers and builders. Pointe, Towne, Oake, Olde, and Grille. If the good Lord had meant for those words to have an "e" at the end, he'd have put it there himself.

Don't get me started on developers and the goofy names they come up with. This guy says it all. And in case you're really bored, here's a random subdivision name generator.